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This time last year I was unemployed, broke, and suicidal.

Today, I just got the keys to my first house.

Give it time.

Needed this today

A year ago I was depressed, struggling and I’d just started writing fanfiction.

Now I’m on meds, doing much better mentally and I have a whole family on tumblr.

A year ago I was struggling to pay off school debts I should have paid off a year and a half before and was living miserably with a shitty roommate. 

Now I’m in a new apartment, paying off my semesters on time, and on meds for my severe depression (something I’ve been meaning to do for fifteen years).

It gets better. And if you need help get help



Going on right now in Ferguson: Police are raiding a church that has been stocked with medical supplies, food, and tear gas recovery kits for community members engaging in protests. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Stand up, speak out. 

This is real life. (x)





i’ve heard Sailor Moon will be back in 2013


in the name of the numbersi will duel you 

wait i thought zexal was the new sailor moon anime

*chokes on cereal*





i’ve heard Sailor Moon will be back in 2013



in the name of the numbers
i will duel you 

wait i thought zexal was the new sailor moon anime

*chokes on cereal*

You realize that everything the police are doing in Ferguson is carefully calculated, right? They’re purposely turning peaceful protests into riots. They’re purposely committing violence to incite violence. From saying ‘We won’t be answering 911 calls,’ which is a very clever way to set themselves up to be able to say, ‘We were afraid for our safety - any call could really be an ambush, our lives were in danger’ right down to the camouflage and the military tanks and wearing more body armor than a soldier in a war zone. Its exactly why they’re going for a media blackout - yet allowing certain photos through - they WANT you to see their tanks. They want you to see their riot gear. They WANT you to see a war-zone. They’re trying to sell the world the idea that this community is inherently and constantly a source of violence and turmoil - they want you to think that they [the police] are being attacked daily in a place so vicious they need full body armor. You know why? Because then, at the end of the day, you might just be able to believe the story they’re going to spin. They’re going to tell you that this (white) officer goes to work in this war zone every day - that he spends every working moment in constant fear for his life. They’re going to tell you that Michael Brown attacked this officer. And then they’re going to bring up everything that has happened in the aftermath and try to use it to convince you that he shot that little boy because he was afraid for his life. They’re setting up a defense. You mark my words, they’re trying to set up a defense.

My mom’s take on what’s going on in Ferguson (via actualbanshee)

Your mom isn’t wrong. That’s why it’s so important to keep the signal going. Too many are silenced with lies and fear and if they cannot speak then we have to do it for them.

(via auntpol)

Sam Winchester and Elle Woods meeting at law school or on an internship.

Elle running logic circles around Sam.

Sam charming Elle with his puppy eyes and honest smile.

Elle and Sam staying up late studying.

Elle and Sam having passionate arguments about law and morality. 

Sam falling asleep on Elle’s bed after a long night of cramming and Elle being tiny enough to still have room.

Sam bending over to kiss Elle.

Elle washing Sam’s hair and lecturing him about proper hygiene because he’s practically a lawyer now and you can’t make an impression with a bird’s nest. 

Elle dragging Sam out to shop for suits that fit properly and coordinating his ties and shirts. 

Sam defending Elle against people who try harassing her.

Huge puppy Sam and tiny fabulous Elle in a courtroom tearing the competition apart. 

Sam and Elle having passionate discussions in class while everyone else tries to get a word in and making up afterwards by sharing a latte or something.

Elle Woods and Sam Winchester in law school together.


Happy Aviation Day, Dean Winchester.


Happy Aviation Day, Dean Winchester.






13-year-old Mo’Ne Davis is about to become just the 17th female to play in the Little League World Series after pitching a three-hitter to lead her team to an 8-0 victory in a Mid-Atlantic Regional championship game. She killed it. 

I see a lot of killings and police brutality all over my dash and raising awareness. But I wanna share some positive stuff going on

Go off sis!

Been meaning to speak on this. But yeah, she’s doing the damn thing. There’s also an all-black team from Chicago that is looking to reach the finals as well, I believe.

She’s badass




they’re arresting people for trying to get home after being teargassed and targeted by flash grenades but the man who literally murdered an unarmed teenager was allowed to LEAVE THE STATE before his name was released to the public. 


(x) (x) (x)


[Image: a series of tweets by justified agitator (@Awkward_Duck) on August 19, 2014.

1:23 AM: We literally laid in someone’s backyard for what seemed like an eternity while tanks rolled down the streets #Ferguson

1:26 AM: I’m live tweeting because there’s a media blackout. #Ferguson

1:33 AM: I’m so shaken. They’re literally just rolling around throwing tear gas into neighborhoods-not aggressive crowds. #Ferguson

1:34 AM: I was pouring milk over one guys eyes when they came back around and threw another at us. #Ferguson

1:51 AM: Let me repeat, THEY ARE GASSING NEIGHBORHOODS not crowds of protestors.There was only a few of us walking. there is no curfew, so why?]




by Morticia’s Shop

if anyone puts that goddamn meme on this post i’m reporting them. you know the one.


…How are ‘neon pink’ and ‘baby pink’ flavors…? 


Get to know me

Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people! (don’t forget to tell them you’ve tagged them)

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Name: Miri
Birthday: 26th April
Favorite color: PURPLES. All kinds of purples. My room is a recurring theme in purples. …Blues and greys and blacks are good, too. 
Lucky number: 13
Height: 5’7”
Talents: Planning the shit out of things, drawing, coming up with story ideas (not so much with execution tho lmao), and singing. Fuck you, high school music teacher, I have four octaves. 
Last dream you remember: Uhhhhhh it was a long and involved thing about cons and gaming and shippers irl. I get pretty involved dreams.
Can you juggle: Nuh-uh. Tried once or twice and gave up. 
Art/sports/both: Depends on what it is but I’ll go with art.
Do you like writing: I think that I don’t write that often but I actually do write a lot these days, so, yeah I do.
Do you like dancing: Yep, even though I have no talent there.
Do you like singing: I listed that as one of my talents, so hells yeah.

Dream vacation: A long, paid-for-with-frills adventure around the world to museums and historic sites, learning the ins and outs of culture worldwide.
Dream guy/gal: Someone who understands me on a drift-partner level, is intelligent and educated and as eclectic as you can get, and can sing. THEY NEED TO BE MUSICAL OKAY.
Dream wedding: Either something super-nerdy or super-simple (so either really elaborate or we go to a courtroom, sign the papers, and leave there is no in-between
Dream pet: Cat. Or a snake, I like snakes. 
Dream job: Illustrator-slash-opera star 
Favorite song: Ahaha that’s a tough one, actually. I’d say the one that most strikes a chord with me is ABBA’s ‘Thank You for the Music’, but considering the sheer number of songs I know, I’ll add ‘Royal Roar’, ‘Radioactive in the Dark’, ‘Blow Gabriel Blow’, ‘Still Alive’ by Meatloaf, ‘Fight Like a Girl’ by Emile Autumn, and ‘Bette Davis Eyes’. 
Favorite album: ’Hora: The Best of Israeli Songs’. I’ve been listening to that since it was on tape for over twenty years.
Last song you heard on the radio: …That was years ago, when I still had a car. I don’t remember, but I’m pretty sure I nearly crashed a few months before that because ‘Heat of the Moment’ came on and I was laughing too hard to see straight.
Least favorite song: Tossup between ‘Sexyback’, ‘What A Difference a Day Makes’ and ‘Right Place Wrong Time’. Don’t know why, minus the incredibly sexy sounds in the second song there…always disturbed me as a kid. 
Least favorite album: Whichever Beach Boys album it is I own, because it doesn’t have any songs I like on it.
Least favorite artist: By reputation in terms of music, Robin Thicke. Tempted to use one of the many other definitions of ‘artist’ here, but it’s late and I’m tired.

Guys/girls/both: Both. Neither. All of them. WHY IS EVERYONE ATTRACTIVE FUCK. 
Hair color: Ehhhhhhhhh I tend to notice a trend in my character crushes, as in they have darker hair that tends to be longer than mine, but overall not really…? 
Eye color: Nope. I like ‘em all. 
Humorous/serious: Both, but you have to do it right. 
Taller/shorter: I love that most of these can be answered with ‘anything and everything pls’. 
Biggest turn-off: Stupidity and assholery.
Biggest turn-on: Talk nerdy to me. 


People with ADHD do not become zombies, sheep or any combination of the two on medication. We really don’t. STOP fearmongering the medication that helps us function and stop refusing to treat children just because some fool on the internet with no medical background said it would turn your kid into a zombie.

I’ve been diagnosed less than six months and I’ve had this conversation with far too many people, including my own father. 

But my mother gets it. And I’ve been able to do more these last six months on Ritalin and antidepressants than I have in two goddamn years. Medication doesn’t always work on everyone, and sometimes you have a lot of fiddling to do with the type and dosage, but fuck if it isn’t worth it.